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Ebay Auction for CT-610 - Ends March 25th
I'm 99% likely to sell my unit this summer. There were driver issues w/ this but I worked around them and the unit was reliably working for a good while. I didn't want to purchase the HD6 for high def so I ended up waiting for a bigger Extron to do the whole ball of wax. I'm switching composite, svideo and component with digital and analog audio through this thing now. Couldn't do that w/ the CT.

Quote:The firmware cannot be flashed on the CT610's (or older CT600's like mine) so you have to send it to B&K for them to upgrade the firmware.

I bought one of my CT's and it had a 1.xx firmware, and it definitely did not work with the CQC driver. It cost about $130 total (including shipping) to send it to B&K, have them flash it, and then get it sent back. Works great now.

The other unit I have has Version 2.54, and it had some issues when linked with the HD6, but none if it was run standalone as just an audio receiver.

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