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Ebay Auction for CT-610 - Ends March 25th
Might be worth looking at if your in the market, I have two of them, and the sound is great - New product, No reserve, and only $152.50 right now ---
Actually I am hoping to get that unit for my parents project. So if other CQC users could refrain from a bidding war, I would appreciate it.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
i've actually been watching this one in hopes of picking it up myself. having already passed on a couple of auctions for the sake of other cqc'ers i am hoping karma will return the favor and let me have this unit for a good price...
I, too, am looking at it. Sad But I don't do bidding wars, I tend to bid once or twice then give up.
Well then, I guess I am sorry I even posted it.
Nonsense, kblagron. I am quite pleased when you guys find these good deals on stuff, because I very often have no idea about them. Granted, I think my wife hates you and ellisr because of what you two do to our finances....

It's suspect to think that just stiffling the competition from CQC'ers will keep the price of these things down....I'd say the millions of other ebayers might have SOME affect on things. So don't fear that you've been the catalyst of resentment that will finally tear our great community apart...

I simply bid what I think would be a "great deal" for it, and then walk away...and if I get uptight because someone else outbid me, then I've no one to blame but myself. Sure, there's giddiness hoping I get a good deal, and disappointment when I don't...but there's JUST as often when I finally land that good deal, only to see the exact same thing or better go for much less a week later.

Of course, we're all ebay veterans here, so I'm preaching to the choir....I'm just saying don't stop posting these good deals!!
was that really any bargin in the end? seems really expensive knowing that the keypads arent cheap.
I paid $1500 for my 1st one in 2nd Qtr 2007, and about $1200 for my second in 3rd qtr 2007 - I saw one go for for around $1050 sometime in between, so I would say a year later, that is in line with what could be expected. As there newer models continue to get inside homes, there will be more.

I thought long and hard about buying "last years model" when I did it, but with both installed, working seamlessly with the HD6, I have no regrets.

I expect used keypads to be available for sale more down the road - I bought 6 CK 1.1's for $125 a piece about 3 months ago, but I expect with the newer CK 2.2 out, you will see the 1.2's hitting the market at around $100 or possibly lower.
Did anyone here win it? I was the 2nd highest bidder at around $900, but since my parents don't need it for several months at a minimum, I thought I could wait for a better deal ($900 is a good deal IMHO for this unit).

Although the keypads are not included, getting 6 for $150 each would run another $900. Total cost is still below what a Grand Concerto or CAV6.6 goes for with keypads. I think the B&K amplifier and receiver "box" is much better than the GC or CAV, but the GC and CAV have the B&K beat on keypad functionality and looks. So it just depends on which one is more important to you IMHO.

Still waiting for the great deal I guess. I wish my parents had made the final decision to move ahead with the project a month or two ago. I saw a CT600 go for $750 not too long ago, but didn't have a need for it. Now that was a good deal Smile

PS - there is another auction that ends in a day or two for a NEW unit. Still in original box. It is currently $999 which is a good deal for a new unit. I don't think I will try for that one since I have some time to keep searching, but I think anything under $1100 for that unit is probably a steal. I bought my first unit used for $1250 about a year ago, so it seems the prices have fallen slightly on them.
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
I want to make a point on buying the CT610's, there is a known issue with the CQC driver and old versions of the firmware.

Zaccari did alot of work helping me test the driver, and had trouble with changing the sources. It was tracked down to a problem with the firmware (he was on version 1.82, I believe). This firmware is pretty old (I purchased mine new in late '06 and had version 3.06 of the firmware). The driver is known to work down to ver 2.54

The firmware cannot be flashed on the CT610's (or older CT600's like mine) so you have to send it to B&K for them to upgrade the firmware.

The CT600.1, .2, .3 and the HD-6 can all be flashed to update their firmware.

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