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USB-UIRT Tips and Tricks
If it's triggering two actions, then you probaby captured two signals, so try just re-training it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
What happens if a global variable does not exist and you try to use it. I want to create a local variable inside an if statement but I want to use it to test if I should enter the if statement.

IF(CurMillis > GVar:TimeMuteWasLastPressed)
TimeMuteWasLastPressed := CurMillis + 100;
Execute IR Command

A solution would be an IF Not Exist statement

IfNotExist (TimeMuteWasLastPressed)
TimeMuteWasLastPressed :=0;

Then We would try the first if statement since the variable would be set to 0 which would always be less then curmillis.
Z-Wave World Magazine|Baltimore Hackerspace
"Why think outside the box when you could let the box think for you." - My take on Home Automation
That's already there. There's an Exists command on the variable targets.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
we have a deployment with quite a few Universal Remotes (that's an understatement) with CQC and a UIRT. we had the same issue when controlling A/V, temperatures, shades, light levels etc...the solution wasn't to change anything on CQC's was to simply add a 1 second delay to the macro on the Universal Remote button. - you'd hit a button to turn of the lights, and they'd just come right back on, and visa versa.

So basically, you program your buttons, then just add a simple delay to the button macro. - if the button doesn't have a macro, just an IR command, just and a delay to the button, so it sends the code, then there's just a 1-line macro of a delay.

i noticed that the incoming stream of bits from the UIRT were being buffered on the USB port and CQC was handling them as fast as they came in. adding the delay on the Universal Remote squashed the problem immediatly.
~~~ B01nk

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