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Nuvo T2 Tuner Cabling
Hi All,

I am in the middle of running some cable today, and only took a few minutes to search for this question, so forgive me if it has been asked a thousand times.

I am wiring for a Nuvo Grand Concerto and a Nuvo T2 Tuner. Do I need two Cat5 runs from the Nuvo Location to the CQC server for RS232 (i.e. one for the Concerto and one for the tuner)?

Also, I will be using the CQC server for audio generation for one fo the inputs of the Concerto. What is the best wire for that: Cat5, dual coax, speaker wire, ...? It's about a 70ft run?

You need a separate serial connection to the T2 tuner. It has its own serial port and own driver.

For PC to Concerto, you need two Coax cables with RCA ends.
Thanks for the quick response:-)

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