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HD Autopatch 1ydm 32x16
I have a High definition Autopatch 1ydm with 32 BNC input by 16 bnc output. I am switching to a Neothings 8x8 so looking to move this on. I would like for someone to get a good home for this.
What do you think is a fair price to ask for this? I was going to put it on Ebay but wanted to check here first. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Do you know the bandwidth of the boards that are installed?
It is the high bandwidth model. I believe 350mhz. I verified this with Autopatch. I can post the serial number tonight when I get home. It has not been modified in any way.
If you figure out how much you want for it I'm definitely in the market Smile
Theres the rub. I am trying to figure out what a fair price is for this. My Neothings should be here in about a week. So I have a little time. What is a reasonable number?
Maybe you can search listings and completed listings on ebay for what you have, or something close...that's usually what I do to get a ballpark.
So a 8x4 high bandwidth HD switcher.... (I realize it can switch any input to any output, so the 32x16 is probably a better technical discription.....but......)

E-bay is hard because there are so many varieties of units, and there is a huge price variation. I always love the guys who think they can get $900 for a 4x4 analog audio only switch Smile I realize they might have cost that originally, but the used market is all about finding bargains.

So to end my rambling, I'm going to throw out $200-$250. It might go for more on E-Bay depending on the day, but I've seen them go for less too (including the one I bought).
Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
Out of curiosity, why are you switching to the new gear? Did the Autopatch work for you?
I might be interested too.Does it do HI DEF only or composite/component with audio?I'm curious too as to why you switching.
The autopatch worked great. Ultimately I am trying to get leaner. I want to totally remove the computer from my AV gear setup. I am using the neothings because it is IR controllable without writing any code. I am currently using the USB-uirt receiving signals from my remotes IR repeater. That then sends a command to CQC which controls the autopatch.
I am removing the computer from the room altogether. I could go MSC400 and send serial command from that but wanted the 8x8. rather than the 8x4.

My setup will be as follows.
2x cav6.6
1x russound st2 AM/FM/XM
Neothings Borrego 8x8
4x Russound Ipod dock
Yamaha 5890 receiver for living room.
HD sat receiver
Escient Se-D1 connected to 1 Sony CX777es.
Xbox 360 (also as a media extender.)
Sling link for internet access.

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