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Insteon 2814U setup confusion
Was wondering if someone can help me. Any help you can provide would be great as I am a newbie here. I have the 2814U USB Insteon controller and using CQC and Jonathan's Insteon driver. I have not figured out how to install the driver in CQC and get things working. Was told I need to install the SDM SocketServer and Smarthome Device Manager. Have done this but if SDM SocketServer is running then Smarthome Device Manager and vise versa. Don't I need both running?
Then in CQC under install drivers I select the Insteon PowerLinc driver, says ver 1.0. Under the options I am confused on how to setup for a USB controller. What Port, Protocol and Address do I use? My device is connected to USB4.

Here is the info I sent to you in response to your PM:

I am actually now using the PLM, which is serial-based. Jonathan switched his official support over to that device, as it was more reliable.

That being said, I used the USB PLC for the better part of a year with good results. You need to install Smarthome Device Manager (SDM) and the SDM SocketServer on the machine. If you have CQC installed on the same machine, the IP address you will give the CQC driver is (localhost). I forgot the port number but I believe the driver has a default that is correct.

You will also need configuration files which define your Insteon units - that's described in the documentation pretty well. The documentation on the CQC web site is a bit out of date (it refers to the PLM driver, but it mistakenly says you need the SDM SocketServer for it, which you do not use with the PLM). However, it is the info you need for your PLC device.

Hope it helps.
Actually, it turns out the problem is that you have the ICON "Timer Manager" device (2814UB) which is not compatible with SDM or the CQC driver.

As I said in the PM I sent, you will need to get a PLM ( in order to control your lighting with CQC, unless you can get a used PLC from someone. I recommend the PLM, but I had pretty good luck running a PLC and the older driver from Jonathan.
Thanks for all your help. Guess this unit is useless for me then for my application. I will purchase the Insteon Powerlinc Serial Modem - 2412S unit then and try that out.


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