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List of BluRay players with RS232 control
How depressing. I just looked at all the BluRay 1.1 players in this AVS thread, and the two Denon's are the only ones that show RS232. The Marantz one is a supposed rebadged 3800, so hopefully the protocol is consistent.
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Has anyone looked at the Denon protocol yet to see how close it is to the older Denon's? I've been meaning to but haven't got round to it.
Has anyone thought about writing a driver that can control a ps3 with blue tooth. I saw an IR to Bluetooth adapter for this purpose.
If you use the adapter then you don't need a driver.
yeah but I think we would all rather not have IR in the system.
this topic is near to my heart. there is one feature provided by serial interface that i will pay a lot for and that is timecode and other feedback. my player is in the next room and i really, really like being able to see the elapsed time or time remaining on the touchscreen. at some point in every movie my family asks how much longer we have to go.

i want to get an 3800 but i was waiting to see if someone found if the denon cqc driver works on it.

Greg, that will likely require someone getting one to create sufficient ambition to check the codes. It might maybe work to a degree without changes but would be very likely to provide response not understood by the driver and will almost assuredly have features not currently addressed by the driver.

The 3800 is on my short list though I may just wait for the 59xx player rumoured for later this year. Serial is a selling point for me to though performance is still the trump card.
I checked the code for another project and I believe that both Denon's will work out of the box with the current driver. If I missed something, it is really minor and most likely it could be fixed in a few moments.
Mark Stega
ok, i have the denon bluray now and the universal denon driver does not connect. i will double check the physical part tonight to make sure it doesn't need a null modem and if that is not the issue i would GREATLY appreciate if you could take a look at it. i can open the port and all. are you willing to help with that?

i think i have passed all the obvious tests for this. i have a denon 3800BD attached to cqc. right next to it i have an older denon dvd player and my universal driver works perfectly on the dvd player but won't connect to the 3800. i double checked the manual and i can't see any difference in the prototcol. i would greatly appreciate if someone familiar with real driver development could take a look. just let me know and i will email you the open port information.


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