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List of BluRay players with RS232 control
Even before the war was over the things were becoming commodities just from the competition with HD-DVD. That will probably continue so that there's more people to buy the disks. Whether or not players with serial follow is another question. Even for plain old DVD I don't think there were that many and they were still several hundred $$.

Cheaper with more features isn't a big driver for me. I'd never use the interactivity that profile 2.0 is supposed to bring. Being able to properly decode the various audio options and output it on a decent set of DACs is. Hard to say when all of this will be released in a good pre/pro.

Also something to consider is video scaling. Like it or not most viewing will still be SD-DVD for some time. Unless you have a good outboard scaler or a PJ with a good one what's in the player will matter.

In theory the Denon 3800 includes all of these things along with the serial port. Whether it holds up in practice or not will have to wait until they start shipping the blasted things.
Theorem -

Sony = Blu-Ray
Sony = DVP-CX777ES 400 Disc DVD Changer


Blu-Ray x time = DVP-CX777ES 400 Disc DVD Changer (or whatever they name/number it.)

The question is what will the value for "time" be?? I suggest that now that it's the only HD choice there will be more resources put into the technology. Including more movies - I don't even think it's possible to fill a 400 disc changer with Blu-Ray movies is it? Seems there's only a couple hundred or so.

EDIT: I stand corrected. Seems there are about 450 titles currently.
I think they're already there:

Though it is only 200 disk.
LesAuber Wrote:I think they're already there:

Though it is only 200 disk.

Yeah but I was thing something more 'user friendly'. That's bigger than every PC I own!

Anything with the Blu-Ray 2.0 spec will have to have an internet connection. Whether it can be used as control I don't know.

Either way time will solve this problem. Since I don't own any Blu-Ray discs I wont worry about it now! :-)
Keith, you didn't notice the price. At $3500 it's more expensive then all the PC's I own put together.

Time will fix this I agree.
LesAuber Wrote:Keith, you didn't notice the price. At $3500 it's more expensive then all the PC's I own put together.

Time will fix this I agree.

Hehe..another "user friendly feature" that needs some improvement before I'm a buyer! Confusedhock:
sic0048 Wrote:Hopefully now that the war is over, more manufactures will consider making blueray, and consumers will start demanding more features and lower prices.

It will all happen, the question is how long do we have to wait.
Doesn't look like they expect the prices to come down until next holiday season.
If it aint one thing, it's another! Confusedhock:
Sony's keeping prices high? Now there's a shocker.
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MSNBC Article Wrote:The upconverting alternative
Upconverting DVD players, which cost around $100, also offer a good alternative for those who don’t want to make the Blu-ray jump but who want better picture quality. While not offering a true-HD experience, they do come pretty close “to near-high def quality,” said Baker.

Hah, that sounds a lot like a HD DVD player to me.... upconverting DVD player for about $100....
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