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Aprilaire 8870 $160!
beelzerob Wrote:Is a TR-16 all I'd need? It communicates and everything? I have a heatpump that all I need to know?

Edit: And those TR-16 auctions were for a used one, by the way.

The TR-16 has two components. It is unlike the Aprilaire in that the part that connects serially to your controller sits at the HVAC air handler/furnace while the thermostat that mounts on the wall uses the standard thermostat wire you already have, and connects back to the first part. It makes for an easier install if you don't happen to have a serial/cat5 cable to your thermostat location, as it is usually easy to get one to your HVAC unit in the attic or basement.

Also, the TR-16 and TR-40 actually use RS-485 multi-drop so you need an inexpensive RS-485 to RS-232 converter. I bought one that is actually a PCI card for about $5 a long while ago.
Well, screw that...I went to all the trouble of making sure that I had a cat5 wire at the thermostat location, I'm sure darn well gonna use it!!

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