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FS: Misc Stuff

Over the past 4 years I have tinkered with and redesigned my AV setup so many times that I’ve lost count. As a result I have a lot of “stuff” that I bought at some point and am no longer using. Before I try to Ebay them, I thought I’d list them here. A few general notes:
  • Unless otherwise indicated, assume that I bought these used, probably on Ebay, and don’t have original boxes, packing materials, etc. – but I will pack carefully.
  • Asking prices include USPS shipping in the US. If you want it shipped overnight/overseas, it could be extra depending on the rate.
  • I have pictures/screenshots of all items, which I can email if you want. I’m not putting the pix up here, primarily because I don’t know how to, but also because I don’t want to make this thread too big.
  • I’m not going to post a ton of info about the stuff – you guys are probably familiar with the items and can certainly use Google as well as I can. Of course if you have any questions you can post them here for me.
  • If interested, please PM me here to make any offers. I travel a lot and don’t always have easy access to my home email.

I know I’ll find other stuff as I clean out my closets and cabinets, but to get this started, here’s what I have so far.

Moxa 8 Port Serial Card – 2 available
These are the SmartioC168H PCI cards that provide 8 serial ports with the OPT8D cables (cables are included).

Condition: I bought these new and never used them. Almost immediately after buying them I stumbled across a deal on an Edgeport 416, so I bought and am using that.

Product Info/Links:

Asking Price: $50 each

Parasound HCA-800II
This is a flexible 2-channel amp that can drive 2 sets of speakers (A/B outputs, so the same signal) at 100 WPC or can be bridged to 260 WPC for a single speaker. I bought this with a plan to add another set of speakers on my back patio and use this amp to power both sets, but I never added the second set of speakers and this amp has sat in the closet unused.

Condition: Cosmetically it’s in pretty good shape and functionally it works – I’ve tested both 2 channel outputs and bridged mode.

Asking Price: $180

Knoll MR1250a – (2) Available
These are 12 channel amps designed for multi-room audio systems. They are rated at 50 WPC and have a 12V trigger input. Again I bought 2 of these to increase the power

Condition: Cosmetically they are in pretty good shape – the corner of the faceplate of one amp is bent. I haven’t tested these yet.

Asking Price: $225

Yamaha HTR-5890 AVR
This is a 7.1 channel AVR with a ton of DSP options, second zone capability, and a fair amount of inputs/outputs (although since it's older it does not switch HDMI). Rather than list all the specs, here's a link to the specs on the Yamaha website. Note that the HTR series of receivers are the big-box equivalents of the RX-V series - as such, this has an RS-232 port and can be controlled by the existing RX-V1500 driver.

Condition: Great shape - it was rackmounted in a closet, so

Asking Price: $200

That's all for now - I'll keep post more as I get the time.

I'll take the serial cards.


You have a PM

Finally got some more time to go through stuff, so I removed a few things I've sold and added a few more.

Hopefully I can add some more stuff this weekend.

jchurley Wrote:Finally got some more time to go through stuff, so I removed a few things I've sold and added a few more.

Hopefully I can add some more stuff this weekend.


Three questions:
1. Are the moxa's gone?
2. is shipping (USPS) included?
3. Negotiable, especially for a selection of items?

1 - The Moxa's are still available.
2 - Asking Prices do include USPS shipping.
3 - Certainly. As the saying goes - "No reasonable offer refused".

Added a few Russound accessories and PC parts.
Removed some things I sold and added a few Extron switches.

A few notes about the switches:
  • They are all single output switches - they are not matrix switches and will not feed multiple TVs.
  • They all have BNC inputs/outputs, so you will either need BNC to RCA cables or adapters. I have a handful of adapters, which I'll include as requested until my supply runs out.
  • They are used, so they have a few scuff marks / scratches, but just normal wear and tear, nothing major.
  • They all have RS-232 ports and existing CQC drivers.

Any other questions just ask.


Removed some things I sold and added a few amps.

A few notes about the amps:
  • All were bought used on eBay a few years ago, but have been lightly or never used by me.
  • Prior to selling them I will test and make sure everything is working fine, but since I am not the original owner, I obviously can't guarantee them, other than that they won't be DOA.
  • My plan is to start testing them and then post them on eBay after I confirm they work. I figured I'd give you guys first crack and if there is any interest here, I'll test those amps first.
  • Cosmetically they are in really good shape with the exception of the bent faceplate on the one Knoll amp. If you are interested in any of them, I can email pics if you would like.
  • These will be shipped UPS Ground, not USPS - I think I just trust UPS more for something this size/weight. Asking prices include a shipping estimate of $20 for the Carver amp and $50 for the other. They are heavy, so shipping will be expensive, but those estimates should be worst case - I used the West Coast as the destination. Any sold on this forum will have the price lowered to the actual shipping cost.

Any other questions just ask.


Removed some things I sold and added the Yamaha AVR.


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