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RCS RS-485 Thermostat Enhancements
I personaly do not have the time to look into to it. If you want to take it on, you are more then welcome too.

Could you post your latest version (1.9) the last one posted is 1.5.

Thank you,
Here you go.

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.cqcdrvpack   RCS_Beta_v1.9.CQCDrvPack (Size: 11.77 KB / Downloads: 14)
Hi Everyone -

I've been doing a fair amount of RCS thermostat scheduling (manually) here, and actually thought about getting back to this functionality in the CQC driver. I'll try loading up ToyMaster's latest version over the weekend and see if I can get something together.

Hi Everyone -

I spent some time over the weekend adding scheduling support to the RCS driver. It seems to work fine here and Rocker did some additional testing on his configuration. So far this has only been run with TR-40 thermostats, but I tried to carefully insert this conditionally to avoid interaction with the additional RCS devices for which ToyMaster added support. It would be good for users of other RCS devices to try this driver out to make sure it's working well so that when it ultimately makes it into an official CQC build there are no surprises.

I noticed a change from ToyMaster's work where the heat and cool setpoint field names were updated. If these fields stop displaying in templates after installing the driver, verify that you're using the current field names for these fields. I think I was using the release version of the driver prior to this, but I may also just be way out of date on my CQC build...

This driver does remove the older read-only schedule fields that had the longer string form of individual day schedules. Apart from these being somewhat redundant with respect to the individual fields for schedule editing, polling for these fields seems to cause connection problems when there are more than a few serial devices on the bus.

Updated driver and documentation is attached to this post.

Talk to you soon,


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.cqcdrvpack   RCS_Thermostats_2.0.CQCDrvPack (Size: 12.82 KB / Downloads: 30)
.html   RCSSerial485.html (Size: 18.73 KB / Downloads: 39)
As soon as I get my MOXA serial port device back, I'll give it a go.
jscheller Wrote:I spent some time over the weekend adding scheduling support to the RCS driver.
Thanks for the updated driver!

Could you double check for the period 2, everything is reported as 0, which I don't remember seeing with the previous version of the driver...

Any chance you could add some kind of SchedDecPX/SchedIncPX boolean field to decrease/increase the start time of that period (by say 15 minutes)? Sure it can be done through a CML macro, but I figured others might find it useful too... Wink

EDIT: OK I guess the values for period 2 were wrong in the actual thermostat, so it wasn't a driver issue...
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It looks like the TR40 has been replaced by the TR60. Can anyone confirm the new model works with this driver?

SamVimes2 Wrote:Hi,

It looks like the TR40 has been replaced by the TR60. Can anyone confirm the new model works with this driver?


The documentation for the TR60 was posted back in March, but it doesn't look like the serial protocol documentation (shared by all RCS devices) has been updated since 2006. Just skimming the TR60 manual, it doesn't look like it's functionally different from the TR40 except for the addition of the ventilation controls...

You'd want to confirm with RCS before you ordered one of these, but superficially my money's on it working fine with the existing driver.
SamVimes, did you ever go ahead and get the TR60? I'm interested in using CQC for control of that unit and wanted to see if anyone has sucessfully used the CQC driver for it.


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