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C-Bus question, scene related
Sorry, guys, i can't work this one out either...

I have a "goodbye" scene set on one of my dlt neo's I'd like to catch the keypress so that cqc can switch off my amps when this is pressed...

as I'm having problems with cqc seeing the scenes anyway is this something someone else has done ?

all you can do is in the scene have a group that is specifically there for CQC.

eg Create a group called googbye_CQC and add it to scene to be set to 100% (or any value really)

You press the button on the DLT to trigger the scene

goodbye_CQC is thuis set to 100%

You need to trigger an event from this group in CQC.

When the event triggers it turns the amp off and enything else you want.
Dont forget to get it to re-set the goodbye_CQC group to 0 otherwise you will never get the trigger again.

You can use the one group for a multitude of trigger based on the level you set it to.

goodbye_CQC = 100%
turn amp off
goodbye_CQC = 95%
turn amp on
goodbye_CQC = 10%
movie mode (amp on, tv on, dvd starts playing, inputs selected etc)

I hope this helps

thanks Mick...

I think that makes sense.. I hope Rohan gets the NDA driver going as it looks much more powerfull...

I think it means i could store my scenes in one of the neo's i don't have much on, and then call this scene from another keypad... this would mean i can dim my most used scenes !

thanks, Will
willplaice Wrote:thanks ....I think it means i could store my scenes in one of the neo's i don't have much on, and then call this scene from another keypad... this would mean i can dim my most used scenes !

You should be able to do this now.

The only catch is if the firmware in your keypad is as old as mine (read not all that old) then it doesn't have the ability to handle a secondary application address, so you have to dedicate the whole switch unit to the trigger control application.

If your keypads are newer, then you can assign the primary application address to lighting and the second to trigger control and that way the keypad can be used for both jobs.

Rember the trigger control application is only used when you want to trigger something (such as a scene) on a different unit. If you just want a button on a unit to trigger a scene in the same unit then you don't need it.


Software & Hardware Solutions
Makers of the Translink C-Bus Gateway
for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
thanks Rohan... will await the new driver (well, dean) so I can re-design the whole thing again....

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