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Need a little help setting up Kiosk
I'm trying to get a Nokia 770 to connect to the CQC Master Server where it will run the interface screens I've designed for it so far.

I'm following the instructions on the CQC website to set it up for Kiosk mode. I've set up a low-privilege windows account, I've set up a CQC limited user account which will access the required template. I've put the IV shortcut into the startup folder for the user so if the user logs in with the correct username & password they'll see the IV default screen. However, I couldn't quite understand how to do this...

"Set the CQC_USERNAME and CQC_PASSWORD environment variables in the per-user environment of the Windows account, and set them to the user name and password of the limited CQC account."

Sorry, that one went straight over my head. Could someone walk me through how to do that one?

I've installed RDesktop on the Nokia, and assuming I've got the RDP set up properly on the MS, the next step for me is to configure RDesktop on the Nokia with the details of the MS, name & password. Hopefully after that I should be away!

Any help here is appreciated!
control panel, system, advanced, environment variables.

Then use the new button on the lower part to add the two new ones.

Thanks for that. Now another question I feel incredibly stupid asking.... but.... where do I set the password for my other users? I see in the Admin Panel if I set up another user, the only place I can see to add a password is for "secure web access" but this field seems optional and I can close it down without entering anything here. However, when I then log off and try to log in as the new user I keep getting a message saying my password is wrong - even when I do set a password in the Web Password field.

This is driving me crazy!!!!! What am I missing here? :confused:
I think you have to be logged in as that user to be able to change their password. The default password is Welcome
Yes, the password currently is just Welcome until they log in and change it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

Thanks for that!
Roscoe62 Wrote:Gahhh!!!!!

Thanks for that!

EDIT "Sigh", I thought I was done with the dumb questions but, where exactly does a limited user go to change their password from "Welcome" to something else? They don't have sufficient access rights to get into the Admin Panel, and the Interface Viewer doesn't prompt for a new password.

I'd really appreciate an answer to this one or, better yet, and to avoid more of these type of questions, can you point me to the right documentation?

Thanks again!

EDIT2 - Don't worry, I extracted the cotton wool from my brain and did a search & found the answer. Still, it would be nice to know where this is documented.

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