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Could not build the filter graph for file error in CQC audio player
I get this error trying to play music from my repository. Before I recently rebuilt my repo, the music was working fine. What can I look at here? the action trace looks correct for the collection cookie. I also reloaded the driver to point it to the new repo...
The most common reason is that the path that you have exposed the media files through is not available to the player driver. If they aren't on the same machine, then you have to expose the repository via a shared directory (e.g. \\MyComputer\MyMusic). If you just use the local hard drive letter, that's not something that anyone else can see on any other machine.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
i have gotten similar error, even after exposing files via proper unc convention. it occurs randomly to songs. after trying many different solutions, the most sucessful (and unsatisfying) solution has been to delete the file that generates the error (yeah, delete the mp3 file from he hdd) and re-rip the song.

my cqc audioplayer is set up to read the .xml file generated by itunes. works well after the assistance of nishan and toymaster. however, i still encounter songs that will play in itunes but return filtergraph error in cqc.

not much help, i know, but it is how i addressed the problem.
As is always the case in complex file formats, various encoders make mistakes, and various decoders handle some mistakes and not others. So you may always find that one player will play a file and another will choke. Ultimately, they should all choke, because this is one of the reasons that HTML, for instance, has become such a joke. Every browser competed to recover from more errors than the other, so that you end up with huge amounts of bad HTML out there because the browsers aren't telling the people who create it that it's not correct. So they try it on a couple of browsers and if it works they, they put it up and then it fails on others.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I've followed along with the Video for the MediaBrowser and I think that I'm running into a similar problem and I need some guidance. My system topology is as follows ..

CQC is installed on Fileserver1 ( w2k3 )
All my MP3's are installed on Fileserver3 ( w2k3 ) under a network share.

I installed iTunes on the CQC server ( Fileserver1 ) and "added folders" to the iTunes library that pointed to the network share ( so iTunes is pointing to the network share on Fileserver3 ).

When I try to run the media browser widget, it correctly displays the albums that I added to iTunes, but throws an error when I click on a title. The screen dump is attached as a jpeg inside the zip file.

The error details indicate [ Could not build the filter graph for file '\\Fileserver3\shared files\Audio\My Music\Misc Albums\Daughtry\Daughtry\(01) It's Not Over.mp3' ]

If I open Windows Explorer and enter the string that describes the mp3 to be played ( which appears to be in the correct UNC format ) "\\Fileserver3\shared files\Audio\My Music\Misc Albums\Daughtry\Daughtry\(01) It's Not Over.mp3" ( without the quotes ) then Windows Media Player starts up and plays the mp3 correctly.

If I look in the iTunes XML file for this specific MP3 that threw the error, then this is what is found ...


I'm stuck .... any ideas ?



Attached Files
.zip   MediaBrowser (Size: 60.56 KB / Downloads: 2)
The most common reason for this is that the standard system account on which the drivers run in the background doesn't have network rights, so it cannot access the file share.

To confirm this, go to the CQC service settings and the Login tab and tell it to log in on an administrative account and then restart the machine. If it works then, that that was it. You should create some CQCService account (which is an administrator) and set up the service to log in as that account.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yup - it was access rights ( one of those pretty obvious things once it is pointed out !! )

Thanks for the fast response.


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