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Theatertek Primary monitor
Well as it appears the Theatertek forums are down, I will just ask here and see if anyone else has had this problem.

I want to control theatertek from my touchscreen the primary monitor, and play the movie from my TV the secondary monitor. Apparently TT will only play in the primary monitor, but if I switch the tv to primary my touchscreen won't work, because the pointer will go with the primary monitor. So I can press on the touchscreen, but it moves the pointer on the tv (if this is making any sense to anyone). Also I can't find a driver for the touchscreen that would enable use on non-primary.

So I am basically looking for a way to play TT in a non-primary monitor if possible, any ideas???


Start TT and right click anywhere on the screen. Click 'config' and go to the 'video' tab. Click 'advanced' and select whatever monitor you want to play TT on.

Click the "full screen" checkbox if you want it to run in full screen mode.

[Image: TTConf.jpg]
I tried that and that just controls where TT will open, if #2 monitor is not set to primary it will notshow the video playing as far as I can tell.
How is that monitor hooked up? DVI? S-Video?
both touch screen monitor and tv and hooked up with regular monitor connector on seperate nvidia cards.
Livin Wrote:both touch screen monitor and tv and hooked up with regular monitor connector on seperate nvidia cards.
Nvidia video drivers have a terribly designed control panel, in my opinion; but check the video driver for an "overlay" and "acceleration" settings.

I used to have this problem on my laptop, video would only play on one screen, not the other... I can't remember exactly which setting fixed it, but it was in the driver. (The video driver, not the CQC driver).
I'm using the S-video connection on an ATI card currently connected to the TV. The monitor is attached to the VGA connection. All from the same video card.

I had a problem similiar to what you are having and I had to use the VMR9 settings instead of the Overlay setting.

I posted a thread at the TT forums about it and that was the suggestion there and it worked for me.
Changing the settings to VMR9 did the trick I now can play vids on the none primary monitor.

Thanks klindy for the help!!

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