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Request: File Tag Repo - Playlist(m3u) Support
I was more concerned with reading them into CQC than writing them, since the File Tag Repo can't be edited directly, but I guess creating them in CQC is good too. If you follow a standard like m3u then they can be created in other apps. The m3u format is pretty simple. Here is a link I found on the format:

Looks like it is just a line with the length of track, track name, and then a following line with the file location.

Here is a sample of one I created from Winamp:

#EXTINF:272,Sammy Hagar - The Message
d:\music\WMA\Sammy Hagar\Ten 13\04-The Message.wma
#EXTINF:258,Sammy Hagar - Deeper Kinda Love
d:\music\WMA\Sammy Hagar\Ten 13\05-Deeper Kinda Love.wma
#EXTINF:216,Sammy Hagar - Little Bit More
d:\music\WMA\Sammy Hagar\Ten 13\06-Little Bit More.wma
#EXTINF:274,Sammy Hagar - Ten 13
d:\music\WMA\Sammy Hagar\Ten 13\07-Ten 13.wma
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Request: File Tag Repo - Playlist(m3u) Support - by wuench - 11-17-2007, 11:07 AM

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