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OnLoad of an overlay
I was looking through some of the user system graphics and I came across something I wanted to do. Namely, I wanted to do a "Now Playing" screen when a movie is running instead of my Repo. To accomplish this, I tried doing a LoadNewTemplate in the OnLoad of a template and it loads the template in the WHOLE region instead of the overlay as I would expect. If this is the intended action, it would seem logical that I should be able to access the overlay by name so I can load the template there.

To load an overlay, just give the overlay a name and send it a command to load a new template. If you call LoadTemplate on the Intf.Viewer target, that indicates you want to reload the overlay/main template it's called from.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The issue is that I want to load a new template in the overlay from within that overlay. It is named but the name is not accessible from within the overlay. I do this with command buttons on my weather templates. The OnLoad is the only place I don't seem to be able to accomplish this.

Oh, OK, I see what you are doing. No, that won't work. Until the new template is successfully initialized, it's not the top level template, and therefore any comand that is implicitly targeted towards the topmost template will go to the one before it. The load new template command would be one of those, since it doesn't address a specific template.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I figured that was the issue. I would expect that if the OnLoad was acting in the "topmost" context, the actions inside the OnLoad should have access to that context.

OK, I've fixed this. It was actually something else. A trivial goober that made the OnLoad actions try to find the target widgets in the base template instead of the top level one that was invoking it. So it should work after the next beta drop.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks, I'll put it on my "to test" list Smile


Can you go into a little detail on how you are doing (going to do this after the beta drop)? I would like to do the exact same thing with my repo. If a song is playing, I want the now playing overlay to come up, or if nothing is playing then I want the repo to come up. Both screens (now playing and the repo) use the same overlay window.

If you could give a little logic, or perhaps even copy of your action commands, I would really appreciate it.

I've tried to come up with a way to do it, but never could (perhaps I ran into the same problem you have but never thought to ask about it). It has been a few months since I have tried to do it, and it was one of my first attempts at creating an interface, so I didn't know what was allowable and what wasn't.

Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
I didn't realize Dean was going to fix this so I went back to each location that could call my Repo template and changed it so that if the DVD Changer is on (I intentionally opted to not limit it to playing) I direct to my 1280VidPlaying template instead of the 1280VidRepo template. Fairly straight forward. My original attempts were to redirect based on the same logic when 1280VidRepo was called.

It took a while since there are at least 6 ways to get into the Repo display but it works well. Oh, I added a button to display the Repo at the bottom so a new movie can be selected and I removed the controls (and reclaimed the space for bigger thumbnails) from the Repo display. It's a happier arrangement I think. We'll see how it goes over Friday night when the WAF can be measured.


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