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DataNab Sensor I/O Device - Driver
You should leave all the port settings on the Ai32 default, as is. I beleave the default Slave address is 254.
ToyMaster458 Wrote:You should leave all the port settings on the Ai32 default, as is. I beleave the default Slave address is 254.

Woot! That was it. I gots temp readouts now. Thanks for the quick reply, TM.
rdf Wrote:Somebody wrote a port sniffer program and I've searched for that. Unsuccessfully, so far, but I'll keep trying.

Unless I misunderstand "port sniffer", you can't do better than Portmon by Mark Russinovich.

(Get the suite:
Here is an example installation of an Amp Transducer on a Sump Pump. I only have a 1/2 Horse Power Pump so I looped the Current wire through 3 times to get a better reading at the lower end. The Amp Transducers that I have do not read the lowest 10%-15% very well thus the reason for the looping.
[Image: AmpTransducer.jpg] [Image: SumpPump.png]

Before I put the lid on the box I wraped electrical tape around the Transducer to cover the sensor terminals so they would not short out on the cover.
Man, that's a much cleaner setup than I have.

That's a great idea, though...take a spare extension cord, cut out the middle, and put that box in there and you'd be able to measure anything you can plug in, with a nice clean setup. Neat.
I got some 10' $3.99 cords from Menards. Much cheaper then buying just the plugs. I also used Solid Core wire to do my loops so it stays nice and firm.

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