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Rack panel
Does anyone know where I can get a panel that would have 64 female audio jacks on it and bare conectors on back I would like to use it for an AP audio unit and use cat5 wire from the AP to the back of a rack panel and use RCAs to the sources and zones.
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The Leviton QuickPort panels/inserts should work nicely for you. You can use the QuickPort patch panel (they only come 24 or 32, so you could use 2 32's) or a high density 72 and the RCA/110 inserts (PCM Orange linked, but they come in Red/White/Yellow). The 110 connection is better than bare connector in that you do not have to solder. If you do not want the rack panels, you can also put clusters of 6 in regular gang boxes, etc. You have alot of flexibilty with this stuff. This site was used as easy reference but there are many other sources much less expensive.
I have a quickport patch panel I use in my av rack, you can find pictures of it in the link in my sig. It is the only pre-made solution I know of and is very flexible. Just promise me if you get one, you won't curse me when the inserts keep popping out as you connect stuff, which I guarantee you will happen.

I guess another solution would be to get a regular rack panel blank and drill it out, since all you need is audio connectors, that should also work.
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Leviton sells QuickPort panels for 48 and 72 (1U and 2U respectively). That's a very expensive way to go though, least in my opinion. I'm sure the radio and television industry has some better solution for this type of application.


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