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Network (IP) USB Hub
Came across this on my travels and thought it may come in useful for placing USB devices in physically remote locations. The price seems to be in the mid-$300 range.
Quote:AnywhereUSB is a network-enabled USB hub. It is the first remote networking solution to utilize RealPort® USB, Digi's patented USB Over IP® technology, making it easy to connect USB devices anywhere on a wired or wireless LAN, while eliminating the need for locally-attached host PCs.

AnywhereUSB/5 provides five USB ports, which deliver the same Plug and Play user experience as onboard USB ports. Software drivers are loaded onto a host PC or server, enabling remote devices to communicate with the host, without changing existing application software. Peripheral devices can be centrally managed and monitored from a remote server or PC via an IP address.

AnywhereUSB is compatible with bulk or interrupt type* USB devices such as bar-code scanners, printers, fingerprint scanners, mice, pole displays, card readers and more. Watchport/V2 USB camera (click here to see a live video feed), Watchport® sensors and Edgeport® USB-to-serial converters are also fully compatible with AnywhereUSB.
Actually, I've been working on a device which I think is going to really put me over the top finanically speaking. It's my patented 'ethernet over ethernet' device :-)
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
OK, then I'll preempt them again with my tunnelling tunnel product, which tunnels tunnels.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
More USB extenders:
I have a AnyWhereUSB device and although it sounds good in theory I have had a few issues with it always working the way it is supposed to (to the point where it is sitting on the shelf somewhere) The biggest problem I had was that it would sometimes just quit and the only way to restore it was to completely unplug it. I was wanting it for some off site applications where I couldn't just walk over and reset it so I guess maybe in an HA application it might not be so bad (depending on how often it locks up I guess)

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