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Can I configure Cover Art Browsers to sort by Artist?
Dean Roddey Wrote:Most things are in more than one genre also, and to be useful it would then have to sub-sort within each genre probably.

I don't know about that...DVD profiler lets you assign multiple genre's to movies, but when you sort by genre, it picks the first one. Could be the same here.
robertmee was on target. looking select say, all blues albums, then play them back, to back, to get the idea. selection would be regardless of album or artist as long as it matched the genre. is the functionality in cqc to do this?
You use the SetCategory command on the cover art browser to show the albums by genre. This is typically tied into the category browser widget which automatically generates the category names. You can then "Enque" each album and they will all play back to back.

If you "AutoGenerate" a media browser, this should become clearer.


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