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iTunes missing artwork thread
1080iAddict Wrote:N,

For whatever reason.... that trick always works, period. Once I do that laboriously for each album, then reload the repository, it works. So tonight i did it for 15 albums. Ill get them all done eventually.


Was there no commonality to the missing files when you moved the itunes cover art directory. That is, were the files missing artwork mostly .mp3 or .m4a, etc.

The reason the trick works, I think, is that it rebuilds the itunes coverart directory and the CQC repository can then pick up the artwork.

The problem is that it is so easy to get the coverart database out of sync with the main database, and then the coverart get's lost (unless the CQC repository can pick up the embedded art).

I did not see any common thread... but honestly I did not look that closely either. I kind of resigned to the fact that using the above trick works so i just went with that and within a week or so Ill get the database correct.

For the next week or so I need to get the new PC installed and configured in my bedroom so ill be taking a break from the keyboard.

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