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trying to figure out system/house configuration
hello, I've been slowly working on a home theater for the last 2 years, and now expanding into full house automation. as part of that, I'm investigating lighting control, shades control, non-IR remotes, and CQC to control everything. eventually I'll probably expand further (into HVAC, irrigation, etc), but that's enough for now.

my current basic layout is a built-in cabinet with all of my audio equipment, and a central location in my attic to distribute incoming DirectTV/OTA signals. within my attic (for control purposes) is also a projector and automated drop-down screen.

I plan to have an HTPC running CQC in the audio cabinet, and trying to figure out control wiring. running serial lines to the other components in the cabinet (receiver, DTV box, etc) will be easy enough. but I'm trying to figure out how to control components in the attic.

it seems like serial is a common support mechanism, but being point-to-point, requires a new drop to the audio cabinet for each new device to control. and wall jack space is at a premium in my cabinet.

it would be nice to just hook onto the network backbone for this. some devices (Da-Lite screen, future Elk box) provide network attachments, but others (RadioRa bridge, projector) do not. a serial/terminal server would do the job, but is surprisingly pricey for what it is.

another possibility is a 2nd server near the central location, but I wanted to avoid the extra power drain, and worried about overheating in the Texas summer.

just curious if others had this problem and how they solved it.
There are some IP-RS232 devices that will work with CQC. Here's a thread on using the GC-100 with redirector software.

I also know that Automated Outlet sells an IP to RS232 device that works with CQC, but I don't remember the name of it.

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