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SIIG 4 port serial cards
I have two SIIG 4 port PCI serial cards for sale. One is of the style of two DB-9's on the card slot cover and a 'daughter' slot cover with the additional two ports. The other has a single 54 pin coinnector on the slot cover and an octopus cable. I do not have original packaging or driver discs. The drivers are easily downloaded from the SIIG web site. Both cards are fully functional, just don't put them in a system with an R2DI IR500P (There is a driver conflict).

I am asking $35 plus shipping. Shipping can be PO, FedEx, or UPS at the speed you desire.
Mark Stega
I'll take the octopus card. Will send PM. Edit: PM Sent
The price was for both, so they are no longer available...
Mark Stega
I have a SIIG 4-port serial card and an R2DI IR500P in my system and I think it's working correctly. Can you elaborate on the driver conflict?
Both SIIG & R2DI used the example serial driver in the DDK and did not rename the .SYS files or the name of functions implemented (like enumeration). I had my SIIG's and R2DI happily working together until in a fit of madness I loaded the new SIIG drivers. From then on, no amount of fussing with drivers would make both work at once. I had to blast my registry in CurrentControl001 of all things SIIG to get my R2DI to work even after removing the SIIG cards. So I know they can work together, I just never got the right combination of drivers and registry content. I was also bumped against the 8 port quantity, so a couple of 8 port Moxa's leave me with plenty of spare ports.
Mark Stega
Mark Stega Wrote:The price was for both, so they are no longer available...

Noworries, if you don't need the other 4 porter with the daughter card, I'll chip in half for that one.

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