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Questions on using Elk/CQC/HVAC -- which is the best method?
I've been trying to understand better how to best setup an HVAC system to be used with CQC. I'll start with a basic question -- which do people prefer/recommend:

1. Connecting your thermostat directly to a computer running CQC and control it that way.
2. Connecting the thermostat to the Elk and controlling the Elk via CQC (and thus, the thermostat).

I know that with method 1 I'm limited somewhat in the thermostats I can choose from (only Aprilaire 8870 and RCS TR16/40).

Are there any other pitfalls I might find in either method?


Regardless of the ultimate method you chose, I would be CERTAIN my HVAC system works properly even if CQC and my computers are offline.
I plan on using the Elk myself. One of the main features I would like to implement is having the HVAC adjusted based on occupancy vs schedule, and having the elk do it. (i.e. Armed Away).
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Although I'm a huge fan of using CQC for direct control of as much as possible, and delegating the Elk for just security, someone brought up a point on cocoontech that made me happy I bought a panel that does much more than security:
- If you ever sell your house, using the Elk to control all and using CQC to control the Elk will ensure the easiest resale/recoup of your $$ as the buyer won't need any extra parts to do any HVAC or lighting or irrigation control equipment. (ie, no CQC needed for the logic)

In my world, rather than switch all to the Elk, and given that i'm planning on living here 10+years anyhow, i'll leave CQC in direct control so as to centralize all the logic & rules in the CQC event server. I don't want to switch between ElkRP and CQC to determine what rule does what.

However if I ever put house up for sale i'll switch to the Elk several months before hand to address the above point.
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I agree with that point. I had a house with X10 that I sold. I ended up stripping out everything before the sale. There was an X10 signal bridge in a box by the panel that I left and I was really happy the inspector didn't question it. I would hate to have to explain to the hicks that bought my house what X10 was. They gave me a hard time on a lot of other stupid fixes and concerns.

So in my new house I try to work with the plan I will be selling it some day. For example, I would love to throw in a touchscreen. But I am leaning towards the TS07 vs. another solution so I can just switch from CQC on it to ElkRM and leave it if I sell. Unfortunately I think HA will scare off more buyers than it attracts, at least in my area. When you sell a house, you want as few questions as possible.

Unlike Vivek, I am more of a proponent of letting the Elk do as much work as possible. PC's are not as reliable as a solid state device. My goal is eventually to rely on the Elk for Lighting, HVAC, sprinkler control, etc. And let CQC handle the higher level functions. I think if you do it right, you shouldn't have to touch the Elk much. And there are the memory limitations in the Elk to consider.

And I also agree with Keith. I believe all of the options you are looking at will still work if the Elk and/or PC is down. The HVAC should wire to the thermostat/controller then serial control or ip control from the controller to the Elk or PC.
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[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]

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