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Drivers in Progress Discussion
Please add the ELan Z-880 Video Matrix to my list of drivers.
The SNMP driver is complete. It can be found here [thread=7428]LINK[/thread]

Please add link to driver's in progress thread.
My Home Theater/Automation Website

[THREAD=5957]BlueGlass CQC Config[/THREAD]
[THREAD=10624]Wuench's CQC Drivers[/THREAD]
Hi all, looking for a driver for the Rotel 1057 via RS232, or any of the 10 series as they all use the same protocol.
Did a few searches and got some info re a driver that was going to be done, did it ever get done?, as all the 10 and 15 series use the same protocol (at the moment ) it would be a good driver to have on the list
Its not my job to fix everything, just to get everything fixed.
Yes, Beelzerob made a great driver for me. Should be in the next beta drop - hopefully Dean/Rob can confirm.
Yup. Given to Dean, dunno which beta it was/will be included in. it's already listed as a supported device in the beta docs (though the driver page is missing....interestingly). He has it listed as RSP 1057, but I think it's supposed to be RSX...I'll have to double check that.
It is the RSX-1057 (i think the X is for receivers, and the P is for processors)
Both those Rotel drivers are in the last beta.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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