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Drivers in Progress Discussion
Did I lock one? Can you give me a link to it? If you read above a couple posts, I indicated that accidentally whacked a thread I think, and maybe yours was it. I deleted the forwarding link from the other forum and I think that deleted the original. You are supposed to do a 'remove link' instead of a delete.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Oops, I think I just accidentally whacked one of the driver threads as I was trying to remove all the redirections from the other forums. But I don't know which one it was, since if I did it's already gone. So if you are missing a thread, you are probably the lucky winner. Sorry about that.

Ding-ding-ding! I think I won!

It looks like it was the DataLogDB driver thread. Brightan mentioned he couldn't find it, and neither could I... It also doesn't show up in my list of subscribed threads anymore.

That's something of a drag, because there was a LOT of information in that particular thread. Any body have any suggestions for going to one of those archive sites or google or something to pick this detail up out of someone's cache? Maybe some of the salient bits can be digested back to a more consolidated document...
j, do a google search for "datalogdb", or anything else that was specific to your thread.

Then, when the results show up, instead of clicking on the link (because that'll bring you here), click on "cached" below it...that'll bring up what google actually cached. I did that and brought up page 8 of that old thread. So, some luck and good search topics and maybe you can get at least the first page.

I don't know how long cached results last, get busy.

Edit: To get to more stuff from cqc, click on "show more results from". And then for each link, make sure you click the "cached" link.

I DID find the first page:
Please remove the reference to line:

34) PC5401 board for DSC PowerSeries alarm systems, jdmontague

in the official drivers in progress thread. My DSC system got replaced with another, so I am abandoning all work on this driver.
.... Jim
jdmontague Wrote:Please remove the reference to line:

34) PC5401 board for DSC PowerSeries alarm systems, jdmontague

in the official drivers in progress thread. My DSC system got replaced with another, so I am abandoning all work on this driver.

Got it....Thanks
I see Hiller is doing a driver for the B&K Ref30

Just curious what the status is and whether there are any plans to support the B&K Ref50?
I have built a functioning driver for the Leviton RZC0P Z-Wave Serial Controller. The driver controls their Vizia-RF line of switches and dimmers, and will list any thermostats but not do anything with them at this point.

Leviton devices (dimmers and switches) report their status asynchronously so a simple ear to the ground poll works for them, and that's what's implemented. Devices from other vendors may not play well, therefore. A rolling device by device poll could be implemented if desired. Leviton also provides queryable user-specified names with their RZCPG master controller, so we get those names as well.

You can toggle the switches on and off. For dimmers you can also toggle on-off, report and set (or inc/dec) the level, and do a press and hold ramp up or down to the desired level.

The driver will certainly handle thermostats, but I don't have one and haven't spent time looking at the terse Leviton protocol example.

Driver fields are all created dynamically based on the device type and node assignments. It seems necessary to go slowly when attempting to pull status and names from all the devices, so it takes a couple of seconds for each device to be added. Thus, the driver could take a while to connect for a large installation.

My installation includes six dimmers (incandescent and magnetic) and one switch with another half-dozen dimmers in boxes yet to install. The driver will find and configure fields for them all, but I've only built a prototype interface form that controls one device. See the attached documentation for a picture.

Attached Files
.cqcdrvpack   LevitonRZC0P-V0.1.CQCDrvPack (Size: 11.81 KB / Downloads: 1)
.html   Leviton-RZC0P.html (Size: 13.75 KB / Downloads: 3)

Please start a new thread for this driver with the attachment and I'll link it in the official Driver's in Progress List.

I started a new thread but it hasn't shown up yet for me to add the documentation file. I'll get that tonight. The driver is there, however.
An interesting thought came up in another thread and maybe it has been covered, but I could not find it.

What is the process for a driver to make it's way to an "Official" driver?

- Does the author need complete documentation (define complete)?
- Does the driver have to be compiled with the latest version of CQC (or mulitple versions)?
- Is there a (S)QA process that has to be followed to ensure there is enough error checking, no bugs, extra code, etc.?
- Are there any software standards that need to be followed?
- Does the code contain enough comments to allow another party to debug/modify the code?
- Is there a CQS integration test/checklist that has to be complete?
- etc.

I know many of these will yield the shoulder shrug response but, for anyone that has developed code, these are the types of questions one will ask themselves.

For instance, I am listed as having 3 drivers in process. As far as I can tell, each of these could be moved to "Official". I only base this on my own experience as to not receiving any errors or lost comm events.

If there is more that I need to do, then I would gladly do it.

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