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HD-DVD or Blue-Ray Support...not from TheaterTek...
I assume that it must interfere with the new media notification, or the WMP engine just gets confused somehow by it.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I'm assuming that WMP gets some information about titles and such that are bypassed so that's why it doesn't match whatever database it is looking against. I bring it up as someone else will trip upon it and it caused me a good deal of heartburn (I don't often add more than 10 DVDs at a time).

I was hoping for a PowerDVD driver, seems that TheaterTek is not likely to support HD for quite some time, to hack it seems more than I am willing and even the experts are having some difficulty.

I have not used PowerDVD but for HD playback seems like the best option.
I started a new thread asking a general question about HD DVD playback but it sounds like nothing is working yet Sad

Any new updates in the past month. I have my first HD-DVD and I want to put it on my PC so I can play it through CQC.

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