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HD-DVD or Blue-Ray Support...not from TheaterTek...
Well I read in a thread on the theatertek forums that they will not be supporting any HD-DVD or Blue-Ray disk formats.

So with that now known, it seems that Nero and PowerDVD are the only two that currently support HD playback.

Is there any news or thoughts on supporting any of those 2 programs for us that are getting into HD playback....

I'm very interested in this as well...
Can't you just use something like AnyHDDVD, or whatever it's called, to deal with it?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Dean Roddey Wrote:Can't you just use something like AnyHDDVD, or whatever it's called, to deal with it?

I don't think it's externally controllable though, meaning we'd need an app control driver
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I was just about to post the same request...PowerDVD or WinDVD are the most popular choices at the moment. Has anyone looked into writing a driver for them?
I thought that the AnyWhatever thingies just make the files available via a virtual drive letter or something like that, and that you still used a regular player to play the content? But I might have misunderstood.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I think AnyDVD bypasses the contect protection so that the files can be played back on non-HDCP compliant video cards, or ripped to the harddrive. You still need a HD capable player to play HD files. I think PowerDVD is looking like the current winner according to the AVSForum threads.

My understanding of the AnyHDDVD was that it was only intended for copy protection bypass. I think it's clear that we won't be ripping HD DVDs to disk in the near future. That leaves a void. I wonder if WMP will allow it with codecs. Shoot, I haven't even seen a drive that'll get us to that point though. I wonder if TT will support unprotected files. That would open the way for AnyHDDVD+TT to work together.

Has anyone looked into how to control PowerDVD? Does it have an IP interface? command line? Any ideas?
LOL...for some reaosn all emails from CQC got kicked into my junk mail folder, so I jiust realized there were responses!!

To answer the questions posed in this thread.

AnyDVD is just something to either copy HD-DVD/BLUERAY data to a drive and/or to allow it to be played via a virtual drive.

We need a driver for one of the software solutions mentioned above:

PowerDVD Ultra
NERO Player

Maybe another option is to see if we could use the driver that allows us to access a webpage in a template and access the built-in library pages in those programs...if they exist.

Or someone needs to help create a drive if possible.


Look at this:

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