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Post Installation on Master Server
I am trying to post-install the client tools (device driver harness in particular) on the master server. The installation tool is determined to shut down the CQC service but then needs to see the Master Server to continue. Starting the master server mid-install to get around this, results in access problems.

What is the "normal" procedure for doing such a post install of client tools?

when you install it, do you select "the master server is installed here"? If so, that should be all you need.

I've done a post-install before, and that method has worked fine for me.
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Don't tryto just install the client tools, which is probably what you are doing. You have to select all of the options you want installed, including the master server.
Dean Roddey
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A combination of "install master server here" and selecting everything worked for me.

Cheers and thanks

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