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For Sale: Vantage Pro Wireless Weather Station
I have moved to an apartment and have no place to put my weather station so as much as it pains me I am looking to sell it rather than let it sit in the closet.

It is the original (version 1) Davis Vantage Pro Wireless Weather Station kit (originally $595) plus the data logger and USB interface (originally $160). Everything is in perfect working order other than the sensors show some use from being outside.

Before I decide to try my luck with ebay, I figured someone here might be interested in taking it off my hands. I'm looking for $450 plus whatever cost of shipping would be from New York City.
I would so totally take this if I did not just spend $300 on z-wave switches and $700 on a new dishwasher this week. If you still have it in 3 weeks(next pay) then look me up and I may buy it.
Z-Wave World Magazine|Baltimore Hackerspace
"Why think outside the box when you could let the box think for you." - My take on Home Automation
FYI - Deal fell through by an interested buyer so this is now available again.

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