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FS: Autopatch Matrix Switches
I got my Autopatch units in and checked them out. I'm keeping one and have already sold one, but still have the remaining left:

1- Autopatch 40x24 8Y-XL with 400 MHz (ultra-high bandwidth) video inputs and outputs. The 8Y-XL is basically the big brother to the 4YDM. This unit would be great for any video or digital coaxial audio application. It can handle resolutions of up to 1600x1200 from your computer, 1080p HDTV, and of course composite and s-video. $800
All 3 Sold

2- Autopatch 40x24 8Y-XL with 40 MHz (standard) video inputs and ouputs. The standard outputs are made to handle composite video, s-video and digital coaxial audio signals. $600
One Sold, One available

1- Autopatch 8x8 4YDM with 40 MHz (standard) video input and outputs as well as stereo audio inputs and outputs. $400

These units are configured as secondary enclosures. If you are not using them with another enclosure, you will have to change the eprom to a master eprom. The cost of this is $60 + shipping from autopatch. If you'd like, I can order one and install it for you for $100. The units do not have a front control panel, but can be controlled using CQC, or your computer, or by using another serial control system, such as Crestron or AMX. I will also modify the configuration file for how you plan to have your system set up.

More information on the 8Y-XL's can be found here:

More information on the 4YDM can be found here:

Please contact me for pricing if you are interested.

I'm not right up on the Autopatch units just yet but i am looking for one that will switch RGBHV in high resolution. I would need a minimum of 4 inputs and a minimum of 8 outputs.
Will the 8Y handle this?
paul Wrote:I'm not right up on the Autopatch units just yet but i am looking for one that will switch RGBHV in high resolution. I would need a minimum of 4 inputs and a minimum of 8 outputs.
Will the 8Y handle this?

Yes, you could handle that with an 8Y unit. You would need 20 inputs and 40 outputs to do so.

so i would need an extra 2 out put boards?? is that correct?
Just sent you a PM. You only need the high-bandwidth cards for the RGB signals. It is fine to use the regular-bandwidth cards for the HV signals. This system was originally configured as a 40x24 RGBHV matrix.

By combining the two enclosures (one high-bandwidth and one normal-bandwidth), you would have a 13x8 RGBHV matrix, plus you would have a few more I/O's for other needs (composite video, digital audio, etc.).

Have sold two more of the enclosures. I have 1 8Y-XL with standard video cards and 1 4YDM with standard bandwidth video cards and audio cards left.


how much for first listed that switches component and composite and analog and digital audio 8y-xl
Sorry- looks like I hadn't updated the listing in a while. I just updated it with the prices and status of the equipment. I do have a sale pending on the ultra-high bandwidth unit. I'll let you know if that falls through.

I'm moving Friday morning. Take $100 off the price of any of the matrix switches I have for sale. The only catch is that I have to receive payment by Thursday morning so that I can ship out by Thursday afternoon. After that, the units will be packed up and I'm not sure when they will get unpacked. If you are considering one of these, please act quickly! I hate moving!


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