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WTD: Anybody have a Xantech style IR receiver they want to part with
So what is the experiment that you are working on - anything that we may be interested in?

znelbok Wrote:So what is the experiment that you are working on - anything that we may be interested in?


No longer an least for the 2nd unit. The experiment was how to couple my Hot Link Pro system upstairs through the CE-Labs RX/TX baluns to my Xantech connector block in the equipment rack in the basement. I couldn't direct couple them because of separate power supplies. I was trying to accomplish a whole house IR connection with two separate systems. In steps the 291 which worked perfectly as an opto-coupler. The 291 uses the 3.5mm plug which connects directly to the CE-Labs IR port. So, I took an emitter from the Hot Link Pro system upstairs, stuck it to the faceplate of the Xantech 291, connected the 291 to the CE-Labs RX, used a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable (ring, tip and ground) from the CE-Labs TX to my Reciever port on the Xantech connector block, and then emitters from the connecting block to all my remote equipment. As a result, the Plasma friendly Hot Link pro transmits IR to my Xantech in the basement for controlling my Cable box. The Xantech still works with it's own J-Box wired receiver that's mounted in the Theater.

I'm now adding another video zone in the Master BR and need an IR receiver there. Going with an LCD this time, so I figured another 291 would fit the bill directly to the CE-Labs RX with no need for another HL Pro. I could use my Nuvo IR keypad in the room, but that would require a 30' connection between my Nuvo which is in one equipment rack to the video rack which is in the theater.
robertmee Wrote:Thanks for the offer! However, I found some info on that unit and this is what it said:

The 780P/291P and PMS12 were developed to repeat the very high frequency 1.125 MHz IR carrier of the newer Pioneer ISC (GUI) receivers. In order to have high noise immunity, they were designed to pass only this high frequency carrier. Consequently, they will not pass IR carriers from any remote control system that is lower (or higher) in frequency! (e.g. 30-100 kHz, 300-455 KHz, etc.).

So, unfortunately, it won't work for standard 38Khz stuff that I have.
I guess you have to read the fine print when you buy on ebay.I don't have any use for it either ,If anybody does let me know.

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