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Nokia 770 for $150
Guys, Just a heads up

There is a seller on ebay, that has 4 Nokia 770's for $150 each. Brand New in box

Ok well 3 left, i just bought one:-)
Good price. I just bought mine for $125 locally, no shipping :-) I encourage everyone to check your local craigslist.
I pulled the trigger too. Thanks for the heads-up. At least with them new in box we don't have to worry about the battery previously being abused. Now I have to work on even more IV's!
Gah...I've got to resist, and convince myself that by the time I actually have a house that needs controlling (half year at least), these things will be even cheaper.

So, these things are useful even running linux, or is there an assumption that you'd install some version of windows on it?
Rob, in 6 months you can prob. get a Samsung Q1 for pretty cheap. I rather have that(Q1) then this Nokia, but at the same time i rather save some money..I have been seeing the Q1's go for about $500-$600 on ebay

I wish we can get XP to run natively on these nokia's, but i dont think its possible
the way it works is that we use a app called rdesktop, install it on our CQC server box, then install the linux version on the 770. then connect to our XP\Vista machine to display the IV...from what i have been hearing around hear it works pretty good...there are about 3-5 threads in the user forums
There are a couple threads about it but basically there is a linux RDP that gets run so it's acting the same way an airpanel would...just in a smaller form factor.
Rob, here are some threads
Ooo, ok. So, you start the IV on a PC somewhere, and then remote desktop control into it via the the 770 is just displaying the interface on another PC, and any actions taken on the 770 are transmitted to the interface on the server and the actions occur there?

That's pretty darn clever. I've only ever used TightVNC for my RDP'ing, and it was somewhat slow, but I was also using a huge screen. I imagine for these 770 devices, that small of a screen is pretty responsive.

Can a single server deliver IV imagines to multiple 770's? when I used TightVNC, it basically sent the entire desktop across the network, not just a selected portion. I'd hate to tie up a PC somewhere with it displaying a really dinky 770 screen, and that's all it could do.

Thanks for the encouragement, by the way....I think I can make it another 6 months now. Besides, I think before I buy ANYTHING more for control, the wife is going to require that I do something with the 2 fujitsu touchpads we already bought....
thanks for the threads....I had browsed some of them, but I never understood that those IV screens were running on a server somewhere else. I always thought they were running directly on the 770.
no problem,

another thing you can do is, id say sell your touchpads NOW, since you are not using them ...they will be going for alot cheaper in 6 months from now

BTW did you get ur sexy TV out yet???;-)

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