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Where does the Z-Wave driver stand?
Dean Roddey Wrote:The Z-Wave is a little too complex to be comfortable for CML, and would get to be more so over time, a lot of it because of the replication stuff. I'll see what I can do for the thermo support as a next step.
I'd love to see the ZWave stuffs pulled out and set up as a standalone piece of software with an interface so CML can talk to it. Then once it's stable, have it turn into an unsupported product or given to someone in the community to further develop. In my mind, CQC's greatest strength is it's expandability. In that light, I think jkmonroe said it well, it's greatest weakness is that there's no canned solution. I think people will have a hard time getting it up and running in 30 days. I know I couldn't get enough done to be happy enough to buy if I'd been on the fence.


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