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Autopatch deals
I really need to sort through my Autopatches... I have 2 4YDMs and 1 1YDM. I really only need a single 4YDM with enough inputs.
do you have any autopatches dedicated to audio? that's all I really want right now...
I too would like to find a "suitable" Autopatch unit. I think the thing holding me back from buying one on Ebay is the difficulty in determining if it can be used for the intended prupose, audio only in my case, and if it can work "as is".

IVB's post listing the configuration of 2 units points to the potential of buying a unit that cannot run by itself without mods. This is especially true when the seller does not list the SN# so a call to Autopatch can look it up.

If someone has a unit for sale, Madpoet ?, and can vouch for its capabilities, I would be interested.
Larry in Denver
MadPoet has some that might work for you and CJO can help you find what you need.
tia, Ron

My HT equipment I want to control by CQC (some day hopefully)
Yamaha CX-A5100, Dune HD pro 4k, Dune HD Pro 4k plus, ISY 994i, LG 86" 4k FP, and a projector in the future
I will be selling 1 4YDM and 1 1YDM in the next week or so, but I have to figure out what boards are in each. When I called Autpatch they said I had to pull each board and give them the numbers off each one so they could tell me what they were. If someone has an easier way I'm dying to hear it, since the boards don't seem to want to come out...
That's the only way to know for sure. If the configuration hasn't changed from the factory, you can just give them the unit's serial number and they can tell you what's in it.

While I was searching some past auctions, I saw this:

If nothing else, it looks really bad-ass Smile

I'm looking forward to diving in with this Autopatch I'm bidding on now... would be nice to get it for the current bid, but I imagine my snipe will get it for a fairly decent price.
Is there an easier way to get the boards out? When I undo the small screws in the back, it seems like just the faceplate wants to come out and not the board itself.
This is really the only way to remove the boards. If the faceplate comes off the board, you can try pulling the board out. Just be careful you don't grab anything important while pulling!

stormy Wrote:CJO - I opened the bidding a couple days ago on the one with SN 4YDMA10978176. I'm a big fan of capitalism, so if you feel the need to bid against me... that's cool. That being said, I wouldn't mind *not* having the competition!

I'll hold off bidding. I think I'll be bidding on the 8Y's that you linked to.


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