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Random bits and pieces
2GB PC2-5300 DDR memory (667Mhz):

I've got four 512MB sticks of this (two Kingston and two Hynx.) Going rate for reasonable quality ones seems to be about $90 for 2GB. $50 plus $5 for shipping.

M-Audio Audiophile 192 card:

Maybe overkill, but if you want a super-high quality audio card, this would make for one. It has one set of balanced or unbalanced stereo ins and outs, S/PDIF in/out, plus MIDI which you probably wouldn't care about. There's also a separate stereo out for headphone monitoring or another set of speakers, but it puts out the same thing as the main stereo outs. It's not a multi-channel card, just stereo. It's primarily a pro-sumer digital audio production card, but works just fine as an audiophile quality sound card that can do 24/96 output without breaking a sweat. It can actually do 24/192, but of course there's not any such content out there.

Street price is $180 new. $100 + $10 shipping.

2 128MB PC-800 sticks

Just cover the shipping ($10) and I'll send them to you if you have an older machine that might use them. They are Samsung branded.

Western Digital Caviar 250GB E-IDE

A WD2500 drive. Only lightly used. 7200RPM, 250GB. $35 plus $10 shipping.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
I also have a server I'm going to let go, though it may not really appeal to anyone but I'll put it out there in case it does. It's not something I'd want to ship, so probably this is only reasonable for a local buyer.

It's a Dell PowerEdge 1400SC, which is a dual 800Mhz PIII system. It's definitely a server only. It's not super powerful but would make a quite reasonable MS or CQCServer machine to go in the rear with the gear.

It's SCSI only also, which might be a turnoff, I don't know. It has two 10K RPM drives (18GB and 36GB, for OS and apps/data) on an Adaptec Ultra-160 SCSI controller. The performance is quite good because SCSI is a pretty smart, server oriented, system and the drives are high performance ones. It does have an IDE controller, but only for a CD-ROM, not for hard drives. It has 512MB. It has two onboard serial ports. It comes with Windows Server 2000, a Dell OEM version but I assume it would run XP just fine.

I've been using it as my domain controller and SQL Server machine and for just general shared drive space between the other machines. But I'm just going to back down to a workgroup based system and drop the server.

If someone wants to come by and pick it up, I'll sell it for $100. Just be aware that it needs to go in the closet, since it's too loud for being out in the open. The 10K RPM drives are quite noisy. Of course you could always throw an inexpensive PCI based E-IDE card in it and toss the SCSI drives.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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