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FS: Wyse Thin Clients
4 Wyse 3230LE thin clients also flashed with Windows CE 4.2 and RDP 5.1. These terminals are sleek and tiny but only have USB ports (no serial).

Asking $25 each and will accept reasonable offers.

You cannot purchase these terminals with this version of the OS and RDP on them. It is a custom image made for me by Wyse. I will include a CD with that image as well as the tools needed to maintain it.


These are for ELO or 3M touchscreens ONLY. Check under the support tab for more supported devices.
I have an Avantech 12.1" touch screen (VGA and serial touch screen control). Would any of your thinclients work? If I understand the hardware, it would prevent me from having to run long VGA cords back to another computer correct? I could just plug the monitor into the thin device and the thin device into the network.

If it would work in my set up, I am very interested. Otherwise I'll need to buy several long VGA and serial cords (50' each) which would cost me more than the thin device.

Any limitations to the thin device (ie slow graphics etc)?
the slow graphics would likely depend on your templates. mine are not intensive really. you can see what i used with the thin clients on page 1 of my interface thread. these are older generation thin clients but worked ok in my house.

as for the avantech screen, youd have to find out what touchscreen chipset(?) it uses. if its ELO then you should be fine.

yes, monitor to thin client, thin client to network. with these, you would need to have a computer capable of handling RDP (the TS hack if more than 1).

for serial, the 3360 has serial native. the 3230's would need the Wyse USB -> Serial adapter, and it needs to be the Wyse model (others wont work, i tried Smile

ill take a quick look for the avantech and see if it should be compatible.

avantech or advantech? i found this site with a quick google search. the touchscreens look to be made by penmount which wouldnt work with Wyse.
Sorry, it is Advantech. Gotta hate the speling errors Smile
anyone else interested? ill listen to any reasonable offer.

if i dont hear in a day or so im gonna toss em off on ebay.
You have a PM.

3360 has been sold! first post updated.

I still haven't received the item from May 20th, and the last contact I had from you was late June. Sorry to use the forums to contact you...I noticed there were some private message issues lately, and maybe you didn't get my messages.

Give me a buzz,

Did you ever sell all 4?

I'm in the market for another thin client, so if you still have some and want to get rid of one, please let me know.

Brian - a long time user that rarely messes with the system now
Other systems used:
SageTV w/ cablecard tuner & multiple extenders for viewing
BlueIris and IP cameras for CCTV
Incredible PBX for home phone
i *may* still have some tucked away somwhere ... ill look tomorrow and let you know.

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