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Touch Screen Sharing Device
I stumbled accross this device in an email I was sent

It allows 4 touch screens to be driven by 1 PC and appears to solve the mouse control issue.

I have no idea how well it works, but I know some people were looking for such a device.


Software & Hardware Solutions
Makers of the Translink C-Bus Gateway
for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
I'm doing this fine. Will it works fine now. I got an 8 VGA splitter/booster and got 25,50 and 100' VGA cables all on EBay. The longest run 100'. I then hooked 8" touchscreen monitors to them. I was getting a ghost image on any runs over 25'. So near the monitors I put a two way splitter/booster just to boost the VGA. Now it works fine. For the touch screens they are USB. So I got the cat5 USB extenders and that works fine. I have two touchscreens working on the same software/driver. On some of the USB ports the touchscreen worked backwards. I just keeped changing then around until it worked. Don't ask how it work, it just did.:-) The one thing I don't like is all screens are the same. I am now looking at putting tablets a round the house instead.

VGA cables $25-$75 depending on the run.
Splitter/Booster $5-$15
8" monitors at the time about $200-$250 now I see them for about $150
USB cat5 extender $75-+

All on EBay
If you have to have the same image on all the screens then that is a big downside.

As to the mouse control issue - most drivers now support multiple touchscreens, so it is a non issue with these drivers.

For the prices listed above the betwin software is much cheaper at $100US and you can have 5 different screens running independantly of each other.

The other hardware (extenders etc) may still be needed as this is hardware problems/limitations.

Stinggray - give the software a run on the free trial before you buy the tablets - it may work well for you

Can I use a dual or quad card? Or will have to use a single card for each one?
They claim on the website FAQ that you can use a dual or quad head card. There is a hit on performance for games and such, but that is not what we are doing with it so I dont see any problem with it at all

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