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How to diagnose setup issue of unable to contact master server?
Dean Roddey Wrote:Given that no one else is having this problem (that I know of), I'm not so sure it's an error in the installer. Check the install log and see what it's saying.

Do yo have multiple network cards in these machines?

umm, how do I check the install log? Where is it? That was my first question and no one has answered it yet Smile

I know I'm not the majority with this issue, but I'm sure I'm also not the only one.

Both machines have only one net card. The 3500 only has the wireless and the dell machine only has the wired network.
I answered it above. It's in the directory where the TEMP environment variable points.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Thanks dean, I had missed that as it was between two of my posts that I thought were back to back Smile

I found the log and the name was being resolved just fine. The problem was apparently the firewall. The thing throwing me off from looking into that was that the client couldn't talk to either my existing server (which other clients are already talking to) or the new one I am moving to (which this was the first client to try to talk to it).

I have two issues to still report though:

1 - On my existing server, even though other machines could talk to it fine, the new client I was installing was failing to connect. I tried multiple times and it just would not connect. Eventually, without any changes to my DNS or my firewall on the existing server, things just started working. This makes no sense to me but has been the experience with a couple of my client installs : They fail for a while and then just start working for no reason.

2 - On my new server, I did realize that the firewall was not opened for ANY cqc apps. Doesn't CQC setup on a master server setup the firewall?

Thanks for all the help. At least I got the 3500 talking to my existing server and I know that the first thing to tackle on the new one is the firewall ports.
Quote:2 - On my new server, I did realize that the firewall was not opened for ANY cqc apps. Doesn't CQC setup on a master server setup the firewall?

It does, but there have been instances where they seem to have been removed before. Not sure why that happens. Perhaps some security patch does it or something. I'm not sure.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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