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Free: Fusion 3 Gold HDTV tuner card
You don't have to worry I"m selling 67 GTO parts.I'm selling my automotive hobby parts to pay for my new electronic hobby.
I'll trade you the card for the GTO. I mean, beelzerob wants the GTO stuff...
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:
No, IVB, bad! You DEFINITELY don't want to go that route.

dirtrace has got the right idea....every once in a while, my wife will express dismay at the plethora of computer parts I have laying around, and then I just subtley remind her that I COULD have cars as a hobby instead, with engines and transmissions just laying around taking up space and getting everything greasy. She gets more grateful then.

So good plan, racinfan.
Years ago when my wife complained about the computer stuff I built her one, no more complaints. When I told her we needed 32" LCD monitors for our computer she asked when we were going to go get them.

As for the cars I did the same thing. Restored a Merdedes 190E 2.3 16 Valve for myself, then bought a project for her....Seems to work well.

I wonder if I brought a 20 year old home for me what the question would be? :-D
Hey IVB I"ll trade you straight up for the card but the shipping going to be outrageous:-D beelzerob,jskibo I keep showing my wife the great deals I"M getting on all this stuff and she's not impressed .I got her on my good side when I put a ram air hood on her grand am.But both hobbys are expensive.
Hey Ivb sorryI won't be able to buy CQC just yet.So go ahead and give your card away thanks for the offer though.
ok, sorry to hear that.

Sic00048 - still want it?
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:
Sure. I'll PM you with my personal information.


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