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JRiver & Repo
What answer did you find? It really isn't that big of a deal. Just use J. River to import all of your files and then export the XML file for use in CQC. There is a driver for J. River that will then import the XML for use in CQC.

I know I may have over simplified it a bit (you may have seen some of my recent posts), but it really is very easy once you figure it out. Most of the issues I had initially were related to my Network Attached Storage server and Vista security settings. Once I ironed that out, everything worked great.

Do a search on J. River and you will find a post that walks you through the setup including importing the files from J. River.

I have found that if you find an answer that you don't like, dig some more. There is a good chance you will find a solution to your problem in another post.

I got JRiver working fine, the way it's setup to work. I just want to mostly do playlists but with JRiver a playlist is the album. Now from what read on other threads if I go into JRiver and change my album names to a playlist name I will have a play list. But that will screw up everything I have set up in JRiver. Also I think I will need a repo for playlists and one for album. Two JRiver repos is no big deal. This looks like the best direction to go for now for what I want to do.
No, you don't have to change your album names or anything. What you do is copy the items that you want put into a play list. Leave the original tracks in place. Just make copies, put them at the end, and change the name of the album in those copies, to some sort of playlist name ("My PlayList 1" or some such thing.) This creates effectively a playlist that refers to those existing tracks, which are still part of their original albums. You could also put them into a PlayLists category so that all of the playlists show up under one category in CQC.
Dean Roddey
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