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Garage Door Alarm Contact. how does this work?
I'm trying to figure out how the security system monitors this contact? Will I set it when I leave the house? Will it go off when I open the garage door via the garage door opener? do I set it only at night when I'm sleeping?
I'm trying to figure out its value or how to use it in the security system?
what type of contact? Basic open/close magnetic switch or something special?
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It's value is to protect all the stuff in your garage. Garage door openers are not necessarily secure. It's also good to know if you forgot to close it. I have a rule on my elk to automatically close it once the exit timer expires, if I forget.

I think the most common way is to set it up as an entry/exit zone so you have time to enter or leave, and force armable so you can open it while the exit timer is counting down and then close it putting it back into the system once you leave.
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I have the ODC-59B. Thanks for the responses, I think I understand now.

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