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Version 2.0.17 Released
Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd is proud to announce the 2.0.17 release of CQC (the Charmed Quark Controller), its software-based control and automation system.

CQC provides robust, flexible, and cost effective control of lighting, HVAC, security, home theater, media data, and other systems. It is available in various configurations, which will scale to meet your needs, whether large or small, open or secure, a single room or the whole home. Build your own hardware, or use a pre-built system. Do it yourself or pair up with one of our integration partners, whatever fits your needs and budget.

What's New

Version 2.0.17 is a refresh release that includes a small but important set of changes.It is very much recommended that all users upgrade to this version.

The notable changes are:
  • Wireless Clients. In previous versions, a wireless client that had a spotty connection could cause disruption of other clients in the system, because they would affect the performance of the back end servers. This issue has been resolved and other clients should be completely unaffected.
  • Network Performance. In the process of addressing the previous issue, we re-addressed our server side network architecture and this new release provides a significant speed up of multi-computer CQC installations, and scales up much better when more clients are present.
  • New Z-Wave Driver. The Z-Wave driver has been significantly rewritten. Not all of the benefits are exposed in this release, and will show up soon. But this version supports the newer Intermatic USB stick controllers and allows you to control polling rate on an individual module basis and is just more reliable in general, particularly with the newer Z-Wave hardware.
  • Other New/Improved Drivers. There are a number of driver updates in this release including the Pioneer VSX-84TSXi A/V receiver, Denon 4806ci A/V receiver, Sony Ruby video projector, and the Sage PVR product. And updates have been made to the drivers for the Nuvo Concerto, AE900, Jandy pool controller, and Theta Casablanca.
Give it a Whirl

The product is available in a 30 day unencumbered form, so you can use it to it's fullest extent during that time, in order to see if it works for you. If you decide to buy, you can just license your existing installation, so that you won't have any interruption of your work done during the trial period. To download the installer, click the Try/Buy tab of the main web site menu, or the Try It button in the upper right hand corner.

Then go to the Learn tab of the new web site, and select the Tutorial Videos link. Here you will find a set of online videos which will walk you through the process of installing, configuring, and understanding CQC, it's features and capabilities, and how you might use it.

CQC is licensed at the network level. So you only need to license the 'Master Server', and there are not extra per-client charges. And all drivers are included it the package, so there are no extra charges to add support for more devices over time.

* There are two versions of the CQC product, a DIY version and a professionally installed version. The DIY version is available for purchase on the web site, and at a very reasonable price, in an 'as is' format, with best effort support provided purely through the CQC support forum.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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