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Maniplutating JRiver XML file and displaying playlists
Im able to create playlists with a program I wrote but I still need to understand what values I should change and what objects can I use to display the playlist songs.

My program can create and save multiple playlists so I will have an template (it will look at my playlistrepo) that will simply list all the available playlists. How do I list them? The only widget choice seems to be the cover art browser but that only allows me to display artist name.

I guess I could change the "Artist" tag in the XML to be my play list name and combine the artist with the song in the "Name" field. Is this my only option?
Anyone have any cool cover art for my playlists? I can add any cover art I want but Im graphically challenged!!!

It would be cool to have "Playlist 1", "Playlist 2" up to "Playlist 10" different covert art options. For now Im just show the artist text. Which I have changed to the playlist name.
this sounds pretty interesting. I am curious to see how you make out...

You are pulling in the J.River XML and spitting out an updated XML file? If so, you'd just change the album name of the new tracks that you spit out. You'd have to basically duplicate the track info every time you want to put a track into another playlist, since there'd by no other way to do it, and just change the album name to the playlist name.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Yes, I pulled in the whole jriver.xml into a local database then from there I can select, filter, tag any song I want building my individual playlists. All playlists are saved to one xml called playlist.xml

I actually modified four xml fields.

"Artist" will be the playlist name. This is because I want to display the playlist name in the cover art browser widget. If I didnt then "Various Artists" was displayed.

"Album" will be the playlist name. This is to have one collection to select for each playlist in the cover art browser.

"Name" will be the artist - Song Name. Since I have removed the artist above, I want to know who sings each song still.

"Image File" will be some jpeg I have made up for each playlist. I dont need this because I can just display text, its always nice to see some cool graphics though.

I also just realized that I can access my playlist program from my touchscreens since they are RDP sessions so I can run local windows programs but since IntViewer runs in full screen I can not get out of it and get to another program...suggestions other then not running in full screen?
Just make a button to bring it up. You can password protect it using the techniques described in one of the how-to videos if you want to.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
Quote: Just make a button to bring it up.

I tried it but I didnt get to far. Im stuck on figuring out how to get it to run on the correct RDP session. Does remote app control have that ability?
If you start up the app from a particular RDP session, it should show up on that session. I couldn't imagine why it would do otherwise. It's not really any different than starting one up via the start menu or something like that. I assume you do want it to start on the RDP session you are starting it from, right?
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
oh, you are right. My bad! This is pretty cool. The program needs some bug fixes but the concept seems to work for me.

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