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ZP5 and enabling TCP control
I am trying to use ZP with the CQC media repo and I can't find where to enable the external TCP control on ZP5. Under the Advanced Options dialog, there is no longer a "Value & Tools" option or an "interface" option. I have tried both the standard and professional versions of ZP.

Thanks in advance,

In version 5, right click, go to options/setup.

click on the "Switch to advanced mode" at the bottom.

click on "system" (note, it is not in one of the menus below system, it's just on system)
Thanks, I must have been blind yesterday:-D .
No, its just the unfriendly user interface of ZP. it took me 15 minutes to find it.
I agree that the UI is very unfriendly, a definate step back. I wish I had NOT upgraded...or at least kept the V4.5 installation file to go back to. I see that others are having problems with the driver while using ZP5. My lesson is learned!:cool

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