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Viewsonic Airplanels
Nice 10" one 5 hours left, great price still.
Do you have one of these? My Fujitsu 3400 works just fine right now, but I'm always on the lookout for something for the basement.
I have 3 in my house (2 15" and 1 10")

I love them....they do disconnect sometimes but I just click re-connected and in 10 seconds CQC is back. I have them sitting on my end table in the cradle and on AC all the time. Perfect for me...

Graphics and touchscreen are 100% better then the 3400, which I have also but it is collecting dust. I just hated something that looked so 1980s Wink
What's your secret? My v110 disconnects sometimes to but it usually takes a reboot of the airpanel to get it happy again. Getting rid of the 2.4 GHz phone helped a bunch but not a 100%.
I guess Im lucky because I havent done much. My 110 does go into power save mode but I press the power button and its back alway the time.

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