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Getting name of widget in the action for that widget? and q on exclusive buttons.
Dean Roddey Wrote:You can already call CML. That's what the Macro target is for. They just don't have access to the interface widgets because that would be a lot of work to create all those interfaces.

What are you using Alt-F, S for? Is that to save? If so, then Ctrl-S does that. The designer's hot keys are documented in the Interface Design Guide document.

Right, what I'd like is for CML to be able to manipulate the interface in some way. I'd like to be able to write a common function that I can call with the name of a widget. That function would know of a set of widgets and possibly do some operation on them. I don't want to have to duplicate that functionality on every widget b/c then its going to be a pain when I change it. And, as I've learned so far, I change things alot Smile

I'll look at the design guide and learn all the hot keys. I'm just used to a certain set and for menu's to have accelerator keys so its an adjustment for me.

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