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New Fora Created
A couple new discussion forums have been created. The community is beginning to grow, so it was time to separate things out a bit, so as not to overload the original support forum. Some existing threads that were obviously targets for the new areas have been moved, so if one of your threads seems to have disappeared, it was probably just moved over. But no great effort has been made to weed out all of the relevant discussion from the support forum into the new areas.

We will continue to watch the level of traffic and make further divisions when they are warranted. But for now these new areas should do the trick. They are related to the newly emerging areas of interest related to the deployment of CQC into real automation solutions, the hardware toys that are often involved in doing that, and general discussion of the tips and techniques involved in creating a real, working system.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum

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