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Recommendations for a CQC computer?
I find myself needing a system for CQC to run on. I downloaded the trial, and bought before the price increase, but have not been able to do anything yet. I had hoped to do some dev work on my PC, but it is flakey. I have had several failures in the last month, and as such have not gotten to play with CQC much. In fact, my temp key has expired and I have not even bothered to renew. So, to make a short story long... :-)

I need to put together a dedicated server. The first phase of the implementation will be HT and a few music zones (office, back room, patio). I will get into HA later, if I ever tackle it in the current house.

What do you think I need? I was not planning on it just yet, so the budget isn't as unlimited by any means. Initially it will be my file server as well for ripped DVDs.
will it actually be rendering video, or just storing it?

If just storing it, you don't really need anything with big chops. For example, I currently run all my CQC and SageTV Server stuff on a 2.5yr old AMD2500 w/512MB RAM.

If you're buying new, I'd advise getting something with some chops on it, but if you've got a machine lying around start learning with that.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
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It might render video. Certainly I hope plan on it doing the audio stuff.

I cleaned out the closet last summer, so I don't have anything laying around anymore.

Sounds like a decent proc and 1GB RAM should work? If I want to do video rendering, as well, how much video card do I need?
I used to have that machine not only do all my CQC server & Sage recording, but also mzone audio and nearly every driver in my system. No video rendering, but it was fine.

But, I can't answer that one with any personal experience - I can say that my AMD3200 didn't do so well with video rendering and CQC master server duties. Had nothing to do with CQC - that barely takes any CPU, but my dScaler/etc on the video rendering side was a resource hog.

Any chance of using a 2nd machine for video rendering so any dScaler/etc doesn't impact anything else?
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:
I would not mix video rendering with the automation machine. I think that that's pushing it a too far, particularly if you want it to be an audio server and a CQC level server for other CQC clients. Rendering audio is no big deal and pretty light weight, but video is a whole different thing. It can serve up video data for others to render.
Dean Roddey
Explorans limites defectum
The final plan is to do a different system for video, so I will not bother with it on the server.

For the server, it sounds like a mobo with onboard video, a decient CPU and 1GB RAM will do it.

For mzone audio, do I need multiple sound cards? I can't think of any way to get multiple audio streams out of the system than that.

An M-audio Delta 410 multichannel card will work and is what I use. It's a single PCI card that has an external port with a cable for 8 channels, 4 concurrent analog pairs. It's discontinued, but I *think* the 1010 has been proven to work. I'm not positive though - you need a multichannel soundcard that will expose each pair of outputs to windows as a difference audio device.
Some of my devices: Sonos, Aeotec zWave, Nest, Rain8Net, Various H/T
What's next: CQC-Voice, Brultech GEM
My vlogs:

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